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Meera Shamma 25 Aug 2017

10 Dreamy Reasons To Visit Batroun This Weekend

Batroun is one of the oldest cities in the world, and one of the prettiest coastal towns in Lebanon. You’ll need a few days to visit all of the secret spots in Batroun that make it one of Lebanon’s most desirable destinations. Here are the reasons why.

1. Pristine water

Batroun boasts some of Lebanon’s most crystal-clear water.

2. Delectable food

Where there is sea, there is delicious seafood. At no place is this more apparent than in Batroun.

3. Ancient ruins

The Mseilha Fort and the Phoenician Wall are the most notorious historical sites in Batroun.

4. Spectacular sea life

Sea turtles, vibrantly colored fish, and if you’re lucky, you might even spot a massive sea gull!

5. Pretty ports

As pretty as can be.

6. Friendly locals

The locals in Batroun are among the friendliest in Lebanon. They’re welcoming and cheerful, and are sure to welcome you to their town with open arms.

7. The life aquatic

Dive in! Go to Batroun’s most notorious public spot, The Joining, for a free day of swimming and a natural venue abundant with elaborate photo-ops.

8. Bustling bars

Who needs Beirut when you have Batroun? Day drinking at Loco Beach Resort can turn into night drinking and dancing until the sunrise at Pierre and Friends.

9. Beer!

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One place, three words: Colonel. Beer. Brewery. Read all about it here.

9. World-class beaches

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There’s the Batroun Public Beach, Ô-Glacée, White Beach, June Beach, Pierre and Friends, Orchid Beach Lounge, and many, many more…

10. Spectacular sunsets

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There’s nowhere like Batroun to watch the sun set over the Mediterranean sea.