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William Daou 13 Sep 2017

These Old Baalbeck Festival Posters Will Make You Nostalgic

Check out these awesome vintage posters that are an example of some of the greats that have visited Lebanon’s iconic annual Baalbeck International Festival.

Prints of all these posters can be found at Plan Bey.

1. Ella Fitzgerald

Yes, in July of 1971 the queen of jazz flew all the way to Lebanon to perform.

2. Oum Kalthoum

Can you imagine being in the audience while the empress of music belts out Inta 3omri?

3. Miles Davis

The American trumpeter and composer is hailed to be one of the most influential figures in jazz music today, and back in ’73 he paid us a little visit.

4. Sabah, Wadih El Safi, and Caracalla dancers

Two icons of Lebanese music and culture along with Lebanon’s most renowned dance group, Caracalla. We bet the dabke at this event was intense.

5. Joan Baez

You may know the American activist and folk singer from her performance of songs like “We Shall Overcome”, “China”, and others.

6. Fairuz

No captions or explanations needed here.

7. Maurice Bejart

The French dancer and choreographer was known for combining classical ballet with modern jazz and dance.

8. Charles Mingus

Drawing heavily from gospel music, Mingus was known for his soulful jazz performances.