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Meera Shamma 20 Sep 2017

Beirut Now Has Its Own Microbrewery: Welcome To Brew inc.

Welcome to Brew inc., Badaro’s newest bar and very first microbrewery. With over 8 types of homemade brews to choose from, Brew inc. is sure to please even the most avid beer fiend.

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Set in a rustic atmosphere in the heart of one of Beirut’s most notorious bar-hopping neighborhoods, Brew inc. is sure to become your new favorite hot spot for an after-work drink or for a place to jumpstart your next nighttime adventure.

The owners at Brew inc. want to encourage the trend of home brewing in Lebanon. They told us of their plans to introduce brewing kits and workshops to those interested around the country, to help spread their passion for crafting good beer in Lebanon. They’re even planning to go as far as to provide a brewing system to be rented by those interested, to encourage people to try their brewing technique before embarking on their own.

Their 8 types of beer come on tap or in recyclable bottles, and they hope to create a recycling system that will encourage people to return their bottles to their bar or have them refilled in-store.

The brews at Brew inc. are fresh, unfiltered, and sourced straight from the tank, meaning that all of their 8 types may not be available on every day of the week, depending on demand. This means that Brew inc.’s brews considered beer artisana, because of the authentic nature in which they are brewed coupled with the fact that they contain no artificial additives.

At Brew inc. you can try types of beer you never knew existed: from ginger beer to coriander-infused brews. For an authentic Lebanese beer, try their American Pale Ale, a mild brew packed with flavor and tailored to Lebanese taste buds. Their English Beer is aromatic and bitter, and their India Pale and Amber Ales are the owners’ absolute favorite brews.

So, if you’re like us and you love beer, you should add Brew inc. to your list of must-try bars in the city. For more information about why you should visit, watch the video below. Cheers!