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Yara Jaber 02 Oct 2017

7 Rooftop Bars In Beirut For That One Last Drink Before The Season Ends

Fall is officially here and our favorite aspect of summers in Beirut is down to its last weeks. Check out the following rooftop bars where you can bid your farewells to those last dwindling summer rays.

Dirty Laundry

Chic and cozy, this rooftop boasts of all the good energy and Manhattan-like atmosphere. So sit by the railings and let that autumn breeze fold into you.


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Enjoy the evening Fall ambiance, as you and your friend toast the last cheers to the end of the summer from this modern rooftop bar.


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Because JY Chill Top was all the rage this summer, paying tribute to the end of the season in this colorful rooftop would only be right.

Coop D’etat

A chill 7-year-old hidden rooftop overlooking a great view of our beloved Beirut, what more can you ask for for a farewell summer setting?

Skin City

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Bask in the moonlight in this colorful rooftop bar, and enjoy their tantalizing cold cocktails before red wine season looms on us.


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Where the twinkly lights match the twinkly stars, Iris is one of those Beirut rooftops that you must visit one last time before the rain starts pouring.


Channel your inner Jackie and have that one last bubbly as you watch the calm Saifi neighborhood from up top from this dapper rooftop bar.