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Meera Shamma 11 Oct 2017

10 Places Where You Can Find Halloween Costumes In Beirut

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re wondering where to buy your costume try searching for the right fit at one of these places around Beirut.

1. The Characters Toy Store, decorations, masks, and costumes

For an abundant selection of elaborate Halloween costumes, accessories, toys and decorations, look no further than The Characters Toy Store in Qoreitem.

2. Yammine Halloween, decorations, masks, and costumes

Yammine Halloween in Hazmieh has an extensive selection of festive balloons, fireworks, and decorations for all occasions, as well as costumes for babies, children, teens, and adults.

3. Glowbal Outlets, kids’ costumes

Glowbal Outlets brings you the best brand names from the international fashion scene right to Beirut, and they even have a wide selection of Halloween costumes for kids. They’re up-to-date with the latest trends, so your child is sure to find just the right costume they’ve been dreaming of!

4. Virgin Megastore, decorations and costumes

Virgin Megastore has a limited selection of decorations and costumes for Halloween. Pass by for funky knick-knacks, decorations, party favors, and costumes to get you in the mood for the 31st.

5. Karout Mall, everything

Literally everything. You’ll be able to find your costume from head-to-toe at this mall in Dahieh. We’re talking masks, party favors, make up, shoes, wands, hats, wigs – anything you’ve ever wanted for your Halloween extravaganza, you’ll find here.

6. Dany Wool, masks and accessories

A staple of the Hamra neighborhood, Dany Wool has a wide array of (creepy) masks made to depict real people, like Donald Trump and Osama Bin Laden.

7. Sparks Balloons, decorations, masks, and costumes

For Halloween decorations, party favors, balloons, and costumes, Sparks is the place for you.

8. JoueClub, kids’ costumes

JoueClub offers childrens’ costumes, from toddlers to adolescents. Pass by for a glimpse into kiddie-Halloween-Heaven.

9. Mazen World, kids’ costumes

Mazen World is the place to go if you need a last minute costume for your kids. They even have toys and party favors in case you’re planning a party for them and their friends, too!

10. K-Lynn, (very) adult costumes

If you’re looking for extremely revealing costumes that weren’t meant to be worn outdoors, K-Lynn is the place for you, although we’re pretty sure that the costumes they provide are available year-round and not really related to Halloween at all.