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Meera Shamma 11 Oct 2017

The Ultimate Beirut Steak Bucket List

For the juiciest, most flavorful steaks that Beirut has to offer, try one of these expert steak-makers around the city.


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Where: Mar Mikhael
What: Sirloin or Rib Eye Steak (350 grams cooked medium rare)
How much: 105,000 LL

Le Relais de l’Entrecote

Where: Achrafieh, Verdun
What: Steak Frites
How much: 45,000 LL

The Grill Room

Where: Minet el Hosn
What: Tenderloin (180 grams)
How much: 60,000 LL

Indigo on the Roof

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Where: Downtown
What: Wagyu beef fillet (300 grams)
How much: 125,000 LL


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Where: Mar Mikhael
What: Grilled Galbi (flat rib eye Korean style)
How much: 30,000 LL

Les Malins

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Where: ABC Verdun and Backyard Hazmieh
What: Australian grass-fed beef tenderloin
How much: 34,000 LL

Goutons Voir

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Where: Achrafieh
What: Steak Frites
How much: 36,500 LL


Where: Saifi
What: Cote De Boeuf Grille (for two)
How much: 240,000 LL

The Happy Prince

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Where: Mar Mikhael
What: Rib eye
How much: pricing based on availability

Skirt Beirut

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Where: Downtown
What: Skirt steak, grain fed (350 grams)
How much: 67,500 LL

East Village

Where: Badaro
What: Char-grilled fillet mignon (180 grams)
How much: 36,000 LL


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Where: Gemmayze, Dbayyeh
What: Steak frites
How much: 48,000 LL