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Christina Naim 19 Oct 2017

6 Of The Most Delicious Sandwiches You Can Have In Beirut

So you’re a fancy sandwich person? Well, here’s a list of our favourite artisan sandwiches in Lebanon and we’re sure you’re gonna love our choices!

1. Bar Tartine

We’ll start with the most famous sandwich shop in Lebanon: Bar Tartine. “Tartine” is their name and they’re definitely doing it right! Our favourites are the Chicken Sandwich with avocado & aioli and the vegetarian toasted mozzarella panini which is to die for.

Image via www.travelingwiththyme.com

2. The Beazbee

The sandwiches at The Beazbee are a must try if you haven’t already hit them up yet. We just love all their combinations, especially their Seared Beef with pink peppercorns and their plain and simple smoked salmon avo sandwich served with blue corn tortilla chips.

Image via www.travelingwiththyme.com

3. Deli Co.

At Deli Co, there’s no shortage of fresh sandwiches to choose from. Go for the Montreal-inspired smoked meat sandwich or the smoked salmon with avocado, both of which are served with salty potato chips. Finish your meal with a tasty fudgy chocolate chip cookie, we insist!

Image via www.travelingwiththyme.com

4. Breakfast Barn

Breakfast Barn’s motto is “Bonjour Healthies!” and we’re loving what they offer! Try out their Labne on ciabatta bread or their vegan chocolate toasties for a refreshing and healthy meal.

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5. La Petite Table

La Petite Table is anything but “petite”. Apart from their diverse and budget-friendly salad bar, La Petite Table offers some delicious sandwiches that you can’t pass up. Try their Avocado Toast on the terrace of their branch at Gardens Naccache for a healthy lunch fix-up.

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Paul is the most classic of the bunch. You can’t go wrong with any of Paul’s sandwiches! Take some of their fresh baguette home as well so you can make your own the very next day. We recommend their olive bread paired with a simple labneh dip for breakfast.

Image via https://grouplunch.lu