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Meera Shamma 21 Oct 2017

The Most Mouthwatering Loaded Fries You Can Have In Beirut

First of all, who doesn’t love fries? Second of all, who doesn’t love fries covered in cheese, gravy, bacon, chili, jalapenos, and other forms of happiness?

Here’s where to find the best loaded fries that Beirut has to offer.


Where: Achrafieh
What: Nowhere does it like Chili’s. Their ‘Texas Cheese Fries’ are smothered in rich cheddar, apple wood smoked bacon, jalapenos, green onions, and chili – served alongside their homemade ranch dressing.
How much: 22,500 LL


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Where: Achrafieh
What: ‘La Poutine’, complete with comte cheese and mouthwatering beef gravy.
How much: 15,500 LL

Butcher’s BBQ Joint

Where: Mar Mikhael
What: the ‘Animal Fries’ at Butcher’s are to die for. They’re covered with crispy fried onions, juicy bacon, and their secret ‘Animal’ sauce.
How much: 8,500 LL

The Bros

Where: Mar Mikhael
What: their ‘Animal Fries’ are topped with crispy pork bacon, grilled onions, and their secret special sauce.
How much: 7,000 LL

Meats and Bread Hardcore BBQ

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Where: Gemmayze
What: the ‘Tot Boss’ dish is out of this world. Deep fried cheesy potato balls, their ‘one thousand three hundred island sauce,’ bacon onion bits, coriander, scallion, parsley, sour cream, and guac. You can also add brisket, pulled pig, or extra bacon – because you might as well go all the way!
How much: 15,000 LL

The J’s

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Where: Hamra
What: ‘Suicide Fries’ topped with crispy onions, jalapenos, melted cheddar, mozarella, and The J’s special sauce.
How much: 12,750 LL


Where: Hamra
What: Their ‘Animal Style Nachos’ are wild. This dish is a combination of nachos and fries, southwest sauce, sour cream, guac, and ground beef. Check out the video above to see exactly what this crazy delicious dish is about.
How much: 18,000 LL