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Beirut.com 23 Oct 2017

Mate 10 Is Creating A Worldwide Interest Since Its Launch

Although it’s been only 1 week since the Mate 10 and the Mate 10 Pro were launched, although it’s too early to recognize if this device meets all the expectations, we can definitely say that the phone is indeed different in how it handles A.I. For the first time, the A.I. feels proactive, instead of reactive.

The just-unveiled HUAWEI Mate 10 series can do a lot of innovative and smart tricks, its camera knows exactly what it’s looking at with its latest smartphones advanced object-recognition capabilities, which helps take the best pictures. One of the best tricks is that it can function as a full-fledged desktop.

Powered by the Kirin 970 chip, Huawei’s newest flagships aren’t just about speed boost and power efficiency, it’s about a big and beautiful brain that learns from the user’s behaviors and evolves with time. With a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to power AI computing, a significantly better experience awaits users; the result is a device that can understand and predict the needs of users, providing them with relevant information and services based on that understanding.

The iconic devices feature a 3D Glass Body, beautifully and symmetrically curved on all four sides for an ergonomic hold. The back of the devices features a reflective band design to highlight the new Leica dual camera.

This innovative device will definitely enrich the user’s experience through its AI characteristics manufactured in highly sophisticated ways to reflect the highest levels of superior performance. We will be able to test this device’s capabilities soon once it is available in the Lebanese market.