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Yara Jaber 01 Nov 2017

8 Lebanese Hidden Gems You Need To Visit

Whether you’re from Lebanon or abroad, these spots varying from restaurants, wineries, guesthouses to secret gardens are places you must visit at least once. Enjoy the list!

1. Blue House Tea Garden

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Definition of a hidden gem: a secret garden in Gemmayzeh with an interior that looks like it was taken right out of a fairytale book. This haven that lives right inside the busy city of Beirut oozes of tranquility, creativity, and top-notch artisanal tea.

2. Home Sweet Home

This newly opened cafe in Mar Mikhael is one of the most gorgeous spots in Beirut. The space is filled with an urban vibe that is perfectly complimented by the touch of green and blue. You know that homey feeling you have when you sit down on your couch at home? This cafe will provide that. To top it all off, their menu is known to make “a food lover swoon”.

3. Bouyouti

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We can rave and rave about this place and it still wouldn’t be enough. An escapism in the form of a beautiful nature-embedded guesthouse surrounded by majestic trees and the fresh Chouf air. Bouyouti is run by four siblings who manage the place, cook for the restaurant, and all in all give the premise that familial feel that always makes us go back for more.

4. Aurora Winery

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A post shared by Aurora Winery (@aurorawinery) on

One of the underrated wineries in Lebanon, this gem is hidden in Rachkedde, Batroun on a mountain top. Once you get there, you will understand what we mean when we say the wine is other-worldly and the atmosphere and view is unbeatable.

5. Adonis Valley

An organic farm nestled under Fatri in Mount Lebanon where the hospitality is incomparable and the professionalism is unparalleled. You can visit the farms surrounding the premises and then enjoy a breakfast made with their organic products. You should at least have one farmer experience in your life, and so be sure to check out the olive picking harvest event they’re having this weekend here.

6. Guita Bed and Bloom

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An open terrace where you can star gaze, beautiful walking trails around the premise, an open kitchen where the most delicious farm to table food is prepared, a bonfire where all the unforgettable conversations are made around, and after you’re done with all that, you can opt to stay the night in this endearing bed and breakfast in Akoura.

7. Villa Paradiso

Planning a dinner for a special occasion? Villa Paradiso is your answer. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this little gem located in the beautiful coastal town of Batroun is made up of all the majestic stone dreams and is perfect for quiet, intimate dinners.

8. Doumanian Coffee Shop – قهوة بنت الضيعة

An authentic village coffee shop that reminds us that the simplest things are indeed the best things. Just imagine lounging outside in that adorable setting, having a delicious Turkish coffee, and people watching the calm street – an Insta-worthy shot right there, am I right?