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Meera Shamma 12 Nov 2017

Lebanese People Share How They Thought Babies Were Made When They Were Younger

From the ‘Birds and the Bees’ to the magical baby-wielding stork, children around the world are pretty imaginative when it comes to theorizing about where babies come from and how women become pregnant. We asked Lebanese people for their stories about how they thought kids were made before they were actually explained the dirty details. Here are the peculiar stories their imaginations birthed.

“I thought that the moment women put on wedding dresses, they would immediately become pregnant.”
– Lea

“I thought the hospital was a baby shop. You go pick the one you want and leave.”
– Haya

“I thought a bunch of pelicans would come and drop them at your door in the middle of the night.”
– Faris

“I thought storks would bring babies to newly married couples and that they’d bring sweets to the house when you were sleeping.”
– Mel

“Prayers and medicine.”
– Ali

“If a man and a woman laid next to each other in bed (even with their clothes on) and said “I love you” to each other, a baby would appear 9 months later.”
– Maya

“My mom told me that if a husband and wife held hands and prayed to Jesus, a baby would appear.”
– Tamara

“If you kiss someone on the lips.”
– Ahmad

“I thought that women became pregnant by taking a pill.”
– Dania

“I thought that every now and then, a woman would go to the bathroom and do #2, and sometimes a baby would come out instead.”
– Raya

“I thought that if you were bad, God would punish you with a crying baby.”
– Aya

“I thought that if you prayed to God he’d put a baby in your tummy, but the thought stressed me out because I knew a lady who had 7 children, so I thought, ‘how do I tell God that I don’t want to have 7 kids?'”
– Rana

“I thought that if you said “I love you” to the opposite sex, you’d become pregnant.”
– Dalia

“I thought that when a man and a woman got married they’d hug for a long time and then a baby would appear in the woman’s belly.”
– Zeid

“I thought you’d go to a special baby supermarket and pick one up.”
– Omar

“I definitely believed in those storks, and I had a lot of respect for them.”
– Nour