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Meera Shamma 27 Nov 2017

Weather Getting You Down? 15 Things You Can Do To Get Yourself Through Beirut’s Gloomy Days

Honestly, we’re pretty offended at how early the sun is setting these days. If you’re like us and this gloomy weather easily affects your mood, try treating yourself to keep your mood uplifted. Here are some simple ways that you can do so in the dark days ahead.

1. Do something productive

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Sign up for a spinning class at Exhale Beirut, or try something new and go to a beginner’s yoga class at Sarvam Yoga in Gemmayze. Exercise has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways of boosting your mood. Do it.

2. Take a long bath and spice it up with a bath bomb

Bath bombs are the bomb. Go to Lush Beirut for your fix of handmade cosmetics – and to get your hands on one of those majestic bath bombs you’ve been seeing on social media. Turn your bath into a glittery, rainbowy, flourescent masterpiece that also smells like Heaven – because, why not?

3. Light it up

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Candles are an easy way to soothe your soul. You can find well-made and deliciously-scented candles at Zara Home or BHV.

4. Adopt a winter buddy

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If you’re prone to seasonal depression, why not avert it in the most surefire way possible. ADOPT A NEW BEST FRIEND. Visit the websites of Animals Lebanon or BETA and fill out an adoption form. In return you’ll be given a fluff ball of unconditional love, and you’ll be saving a life. We all know that animals are better than humans, so you really have no reason not to.

5. Get cozy

Treat yo’self to some man-made snuggles. Buy a big fluffy blanket, heavenly pillows, a winter onesie, and some velvety socks to keep yourself warm – and guess what? You can get them all in one go from Glowbal Outlets in Raouche, and they even have Christmas-themed stuff to choose from!

6. Sprinkle some fairy dust around your house in the form of twinkle lights

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Who doesn’t love twinkly lights? Buy some white ones and hang them above your bed for some illuminating winter vibes. You can get some at A&P in Hamra, BHV, Zara Home, or from small little toy shops around the city.

7. Go out to a cozy bar

There’s nothing quite like sipping a glass of your favorite drink while in a dimly lit room filled with the noise of peoples’ chatter and drinks in the process of being cheers-ed. Check out our list of our favorite cozy bars around the city here.

8. If bars aren’t your thing, try a different kind of coziness

You don’t need to be a drinker to go out to a cozy spot in Beirut. Here are a few (if 29 is considered a few) other snuggly spots around the city that are guaranteed to lift your mood.

9. Get lost in a movie

Popcorn just makes life better. Check out what’s playing near you by visiting the movie section of our website.

10. Play the day away

Get your game on at Multi Verse. They have hundreds upon hundreds of your favorite board games, in addition to quirky games that you didn’t even know existed. Grab your friends, form your teams, and get to it.

11. Get outside

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No matter what, no matter how gloomy it is outside, your day will be 100% better if you get outside at least once. Whether it’s walking to the neighborhood supermarket instead of driving, going for a walk on the Corniche, or just walking mindlessly, you should always make a point of going outdoors everyday. It’s an instant mood-changer, and you’ll be happy you did it.

12. Plan next weekend’s getaway

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Plan a trip to escape the city’s gloom by checking out one of these
comfy Airbnbs around Lebanon. Book your stay ahead of time, and you’re sure to have something to look forward to – the perfect way to help you get through the work week.

13. Shop ’til you drop…off of your couch

Ain’t nothing better than online shopping. Try codeone.online for some comfy virtual cruising, or for other online shopping websites in Lebanon, click here.

14. Get creative

Discover your artistic side by joining a painting class at Joon on the Moon. They hold different painting events every week, where you can drink red wine and paint with friends.

15. Hot. Chocolate.

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I mean, do I really need to explain why this is a good idea? It’s chocolate. It’s hot. Get yours.