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Yara Jaber 05 Dec 2017

7 Of Our Favorite Hidden Gems In Tripoli

From culinary experiences, to old streets, to hidden pubs, here are 7 of our favorite – and soon to be your favorite – places to visit in the Northern capital.

1. Sara et Karim

Recently gracing the Tripoli cafe scene, this hidden gem, owned and run by the most adorable family who add the perfect homey vibes to the place, is one of the most endearing places I’ve ever been to. They make their own natural homemade cakes, which in addition to their specialty tea, make a delicious and warm afternoon setting.

2. Mike’s

A post shared by #Mike’s (@mikes.pub) on

A post shared by #Mike’s (@mikes.pub) on

Located in the old magical streets of Mina, this pub is your go-to place for a feel good outing. The staff are very friendly, the decor is quirky and welcoming, and booze keeps flowing all night long. This local pub might just give big club names a run for their money with their authenticity and realness.

3. Al Kindy

A post shared by Alkindy (@alkindytripoli) on

A post shared by Alkindy (@alkindytripoli) on

Imagine a beautiful old stone house with a spacious beautifully-decorated courtyard in the middle of the premise – now you can stop imagining, and pay this place a visit this weekend. The great thing about this place is that it’s not accessible directly by car, so you get the experience of walking through the old neighborhood streets of Mina city.

4. Rassif

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One of my favorite culinary experiences in Tripoli – especially when it’s the weekend and you’re just craving the heavenly combination of poached eggs, Avocado toast, salmon all topped with Hollandaise sauce. Their menu is quite extensive with the most tantalizing dishes, and their interior aesthetic makes it feel like it’s sunny all year long.

5. Warshe 13

A post shared by Warche 13 (@warche13mina) on

A post shared by Warche 13 (@warche13mina) on

Out on the streets of Minot, this cute little cafe is all you need to brighten your day. Warshe 13 is also a collaborative art space that occasionally hosts workshops and visual art exhibitions, so grab a book and sprawl out in this charming space, or ditch the book and engage with likeminded people on their communal table.

6. Punto Alto Cafe

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Located on the rooftop of Punto Alto, it boasts a breathtaking view of the sea. Their homemade cakes are absolutely delightful coupled with a cup of their freshly brewed coffee.

7. Kahwet Fahim

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Are you up for the most authentic of old Tripoli experiences? This cafe located in front of the Ottoman clock tower in Al Tall Square, so it doesn’t get more genuine than this. The Turkish coffee there is unreservedly divine, and be sure to visit this place Saturday at around 11, to catch the hustle and bustle of the city.