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Ghida Ladkani 11 Dec 2017

9 Things You Know If You Live On A Budget In Beirut

Life in Beirut is hard, but life in Beirut on a budget is absolutely absurd. We all have our coping mechanisms though, and if you live the broke life in Beirut, you’ll know these very well.

1. Cabs are for the beginning of the month, vans are for the last week

The two thou fee becomes hefty by the 15th of every month and you begin resorting to vans instead.

2. Any person offering you a ride is a hero

3. Getting water from home to any restaurant saves the 4 thou soft drink fee

Besides, it’s so much healthier.

4. Food packed from home is a gift

Will you be jealous of your friends’ fresh fries while you’re left there munching on day old mjadara? Maybe. But your wallet will thank you for it.

5. Mankoushe is your best friend

Zaatar mankoushe for breakfast, cheese mankoushe with tomatoes for lunch, plain cheese mankoushe for dinner. You know the drill.

6. If not, falafel

Another great saver.

7. You only have the WhatsApp 3g

Everywhere has wifi now! Or so you’ve convinced yourself…

8. You shop cross-seasonally

You buy winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter, because that’s when last season’s clothes are on sale. Smart, tbh.
9. Happy hour is the only hour you can drink

Pretty obvious.