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Meera Shamma 22 Dec 2017

Beirut’s Best Briskets: Here’s Where To Get ‘Em

Succulent, scrumptious, and oozing with flavor, if you’ve never tried a brisket burger, you really should. Though there are few places in Beirut that offer this specialty dish, the ones that do, do it right. Here are the places around the city where you can get your hands on the most delicious sandwich you’ll try this week.


Photo courtesy of Zomato

The best we’ve had in Lebanon, Baron’s brisket burger is serious business. Cooked to perfection, drenched in hoisin sauce and topped with coriander, sliced radish and carrots, and a crunchy peanut crumble – this brisket burger will have you constantly coming back for more. If you’ve never tried a brisket burger and want to have one that’s done just right, Baron is where to try it first.

Meats & Bread

Beirut’s very own hardcore BBQ spot, Meats & Bread make a seriously succulent brisket burger. Their ‘Holy Grail Brisket’ sandwich is generously filled with tender, slow-cooked, and smokey tender brisket – topped with a perfectly-toasted bun, and served alongside crunchy french fries. Watch the video above to get a visual taste of what we’re talking about, and then head to Meats & Bread in Gemmayze to get a taste yourself.

Butcher’s BBQ Joint

Butcher’s brisket burger is serious business. Stuffed to the max with tender, slow cooked brisket, topped with their secret animal sauce and served with slaw – this is the brisket to try if you want the sandwich to be meat-heavy and to the point.


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The chefs at Ferdinand’s are burger connoisseurs, so it’s no surprise that their Blue Back Brisket sandwich is to die for. Complete with smoked-to-perfection beef brisket, dijon mustard, crispy onion soubis sauce, and dill and apple sauerkraut, pass by this Hamra gem if you’re in the mood for a dangerously delectable brisket in a bun.