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Meera Shamma 08 Jan 2018

7 Perfect Friend Dates For Winter In Lebanon

Dates don’t have to be reserved for romance! Grab your favorite person and go on an adventure together this winter in Lebanon.

Go on a hike

Get out and try something new. The fresh air is sure to make you feel good, and doing a productive activity with your friends will make you feel even better. Why not go on an adventure that is sure to make for some spectacular quality time?

Test your minds

Who’s the smart one in your friend group? Put it to the test as you try to Escape the Room together.

Go camping

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Grab some tents and your favorite snacks and get lost (or found) in Lebanon’s wilderness. Try Swings Camp in beautiful Baabdat for the perfect mix of skill-building activities and relaxing in nature.

Test your general knowledge

Figure out who amongst your friends really is the wizkid at a general knowledge quiz night at Joon on the Moon.

Visit a vineyard

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Explore Ixsir’s magical vineyard and get buzzed on your favorite wine.

Go snowshoeing

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Get lost in the snow this winter and snowshoe the day away with your best friends. Try HighKings or We Are Hikers to find out when the next snowshoeing adventure is set to take place.

Visit an animal shelter

Share the love with your friends and some fluffy friends at BETA‘s animal shelter in Monte Verde. They’re open every day of the week except for Fridays, from 10 AM to 2 PM. You’ll need to fill in a volunteer form on their website before visiting.