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Meera Shamma 25 Jan 2018

WalkBeirut: A Refreshing Way To Get To Know Your Favorite City

Have you ever passed by a building in Beirut and wanted to know its story? Have you walked past the same building every day and wondered who to ask to find out its history? If you’re interested in getting to know Beirut on a deeper level, from its side streets to its grand monuments, and its quaint neighborhoods to its picturesque ruins, there’s a lot hidden beneath the surface of the city you thought you knew so well.

WalkBeirut was established in 2009 by Ronnie Chatah, and was derived from his passion to spread awareness of Beirut’s long-lasting roots and their relevance in the city you experience today. Not only that, but WalkBeirut is a walking tour, where they provide curious Lebanese people and foreigners to join a journey through the city that, as Chatah believes, is best explained through storytelling. The walking route is pedestrian-friendly and ever-enlightening, where you’ll be guided through neighborhoods and streets that, according to Chatah, are critical in grasping Beirut’s diverse history.

The tour includes stops where groups can rest while the guides introduce you, or reintroduce you, to Beirut. Just bring some water and your favorite walking shoes, and the team at WalkBeirut will handle the rest.

The tours take place most Sundays, and their schedule is on their website and Facebook group. Tours may be canceled due to weather or any security concerns. To join, visit their website or Facebook page and find out when the next journey is taking place.

We asked some people who have been on the walk to tell us of their experiences. One person told us that the walk was surprisingly telling of a Beirut she had otherwise thought she had already mastered in her 28 years living here. “It’s all encompassing – teaching you about the history of culture, currency, architecture, sectarianism, and politics of Beirut. Pre war, post war and everything in between.”