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Ghida Ladkani 05 Feb 2018

Here’s Your Guide To Thrift Shopping In Lebanon

Lebanon is full of interesting little spots and streets where you can find amazing treasures from years long gone. If you’re a hoarder of vintage items, or just looking for something fun to do during the weekend, thrift shopping is the thing for you! While t may seem that Lebanon doesn’t have a lot of vintage stores, there’s actually plenty of options if you’re looking for a thrift shop.

1. Depot-Vente Beirut

Located in Mar Mikhael, Depot-Vente is perhaps the most well-known spot for vintage shopping in Beirut. This tiny store can have you spending hours and hours looking through the amazing objects they have, from clothes, to shoes, to really interesting glasses.

2. Ants

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Ants is a small shop in Hamra, with a wealth of items to shop from. You’ll find very interesting hippie clothing and wonderful miscellaneous items, but the real thing to look out for is their incredible collections of accessories.

3. Retro Vintage Shop

This shop in Bashoura has a wide variety of home decor items, from lights to furniture to signs and posters, as well as miscellaneous pieces that date back to the fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties.

4. Souk El Ahad

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Wether you’re looking for books, clothes, old electronics, interesting home decor, or for a very interesting afternoon, Souk El Ahad is the place to go. A collection of street vendors come together under the JIsr El Wati bridge every weekend and set up shop with everything you can imagine being sold there.

5. Beirut’s Antique District

This part of Beirut, in Basta, is full of wonderful furniture that’s truly fascinating. Wether you’re looking for an interesting centrepiece for your room or wish to recreate an epoch in your house, this district won’t let you down.

6. Fashion For A Cause

The Lebanese Red Cross holds two events a year under Fashion for a Cause, during the summer and Christmas. If you’re looking for vintage pieces and want to feel good about your shopping, what better way than to support their events and check out their collection of vintage items?

7. Vintage Love Beirut

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This online Instagram vintage store has designer items that get delivered to you. With new items every day, if you have a love for the vintage, you better keep an eye on this store!