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Beirut.com 02 Mar 2018

Head Down South: Where To Eat At When You’re In Nabatieh

Lebanon is full of little culinary gems, and if you’re driving down south this weekend, these places should be on the top of your list.

Al Abdallah

image via Al Abdallah’s Facebook page

Founded in 1999, Al Abdallah is one of the staples of Nabatieh’s food scene. With the signature spicy sauce complimenting the mouthwatering farouj 3al fa7em dish, this place offers the perfect feel good meals.

Al Sultan Sweets

image via Al Sultan Sweets’ Facebook page

Al Sultan Sweets offers everything from pastries, traditional Arabic sweets, French pastries, ice cream, chocolate to miscellaneous treats, and has been doing so since 1988. Our favorite would be the succulent knefe for sure!

Al Shareq Sweets

image via rinnoo.net

This patisserie has traditional Arabic and French sweets, in addition to making one of the best baklavas we’ve ever had.

Regina Cafe

image via reginacafe.com

Local spots always have the most charming ambiances! This little Italian cafe offers pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and sushi. We always have the Pollo Alfredo or the Regina pizza when we’re in town.

Diwan Al Ezz – مطعم ديوان العز

image via Diwan Al Ezz’s Facebook page

This Nabatieh restaurant serves Lebanese cuisine in an ambiance that makes all your Sunday family lunch dreams come true. Once you see the waiters coming in with your mezza and mashewe, you’ll never want to leave.

Commodore Restaurant – مطعم الكومودور

image via NoGarlicNoOnions YouTube video

Craving foul and hummus? This 1964 restaurant is your go-to for an appetizing Lebanese breakfast featuring one of the nation’s most loved day starters.

Abou Abbas

image via NoGarlicNoOnions’ YouTube video

Known as “Viagra Wataniye” this place serves sheep intestines in a fatte dish with hummus and laban. A tantalizing dish of true local flair!

Falafel El Arnaout

image via NoGarlicNoOnions’ YouTube video

Established in 1955, Falafel El Arnaout stands out to be one of the best street food places in the city of Nabatieh – a must eat if you’re a Falafel lover.