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Meera Shamma 03 Mar 2018

18 Ways Lebanese Mothers Show Love

Whether it’s tough love or pure love, it’s still love. These are the unique ways in which Lebanese mothers tell their kids that they love them.

1. Forcing you to eat a kilo of Za’atar before an exam

Because we all know Za’atar gives your brain superhuman powers.

2. Judging all of your outfit choices…even your pijamas

3. Cooking two of your favorite meals in one week

The best week of the year.

4. Not forcing you to say hi to your Aunties every time they call the house

5. Being deeply concerned about your ripped jeans

Do you know what kind of impression your giving to society with those homeless pants?

6. Hating your boyfriend/girlfriend

7. Never letting you order food to the house

…and telling you to eat some fruits instead.

8. Treating your best friend like her own child/best friend

9. Going out shopping for herself, but coming back with only bags of clothes for you

True love.

10. Making your dentist appointments for you even when you’re almost 30

11. Talking shit about you to your face, but bragging about you to her friends

Because if they showed you love to your face then they wouldn’t be helping you grow.

12. Forcing you to take a jacket with you everywhere you go

13. Going with you to the salon every time you decide to get a haircut

… and hovering over the barber to make sure he gets the exact haircut she wants for you

14. Making you a hot water bottle when you have a stomach ache

15. Making you feel like every time she gets into the car with you is a near death experience

To make you focus on being a better driver, obviously.

16. Being ashamed to have birthed you every time she hears you curse

17. Putting your face as her profile picture on Facebook

Really zoomed in and horribly cropped, of course.

18. Having an Instagram account that’s solely dedicated to super close up photos of you and your siblings