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Meera Shamma 15 Mar 2018

11 Perfectly Lebanese Souvenirs To Get For Your Foreign Friends

Get your friends from abroad something nice that will make them excited to visit you at home one day.

A patriotic purse from La Rose de Sim

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A personalized necklace or bracelet with a Lebanese emblem from Henry’s Handmade

A punny mug from Luanatic

An arabesque beard kit from Bou Shanab

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A cultural house gift from Orient 499

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All the Lebanese sweets from Amal Bohsali

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A sweet little key chain from Luanatic

A one-of-a-kind antique piece of jewelry from Pink Henna

A stupidly-funny (or customized) T shirt from Gift Mania or All American

A local wearable design from Creative Space Beirut

A fun game of Le3beh 3a Kroute from Multiverse Games

It’s the Lebanese version of the world-famous card game, Cards Against Humanity.