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William Daou 17 Mar 2018

Things Your Lebanese Jeddo Probably Wears

Lebanese jeddos can be really stylish and dapper, sporting everything from slick suits to traditional sirwal pants and the occasional 3abaya. We’ve noticed that there are quite a few articles of clothing that seem to be common amongst all jeddos in Lebanon – here they are:

1. The Russian hat:

No one knows why. Or how. Really…why?

2. Undershirt (flanella):

And it must be visible at all times.

3. The camel colored 3abaya:

A staple item in every jeddos wardrobe!

4. Striped pajama set:

Nobody makes pajamas look this good. They’re usually perfectly ironed and prim.

5. An athletic tracksuit:

Usually Fila or Adidas!

6. Thick, polyester robe:

For the always chilly jeddo. Match with thick wool socks for full effect and be sure to get your share of static electricity shocks.

7. Silk shirts:

Don Juan got nothing on Jeddo Karim.

8. A three-piece suit:

Nobody does formal wear quite like jeddos do, paired best with perfectly shined shoes and a pocket square.