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Meera Shamma 12 Apr 2018

10 Perfectly Sunny Getaways You Can Go On This Warm Weekend

Life in Lebanon is so much more fun when it’s sunny out. It’s the perfect time of year to spend time outdoors, because it’s not too hot, but still warm enough to get your fix of Vitamin D. Here are some places where you can get the most of the sunshine this coming bright weekend.

Colonel Beer Brewery, Batroun

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Whether you’re a beer drinker or not is besides the point when it comes to this picturesque outdoor getaway. Colonel Beer is one of Lebanon’s best brews, and the setting of its brewery is as scenic as its beer is tasty. So head to this Batroun gem if you’re looking to spend a beer-filled day in the sun. Best part is, you can bring your dog along for the fun.

Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve, Al Shouf

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The largest of Lebanon’s nature reserves, Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve stretches from Dahr Al-Baidar in the north to Niha Mountain in the south. You can take a hike through one of its three magnificent cedar forests, spend the day breathing the freshest of Lebanon’s air, and basking in the crisp Spring sun.

Sporting Club Beach, Beirut

Simple, comfortable, and unmistakably Lebanese, Sporting Club Beach will always be a favorite among locals for being a perfect sunshine-filled getaway spot in the heart of Beirut. When the rest of Lebanon’s beaches might not be open, you can always count on Sporting as a spot to spontaneously pass by for a jump in the pool, a delicious seafood meal, or reading a book in the sun on any warm day in Beirut.

Pierre & Friends, Batroun

Internationally known as one of the best beach bars in the world, Pierre and Friends is vivaciously dynamic. Calm beach bar by day, and bustling party bar by night, you can have a day of everything when at this Batroun hotspot. You’ll find lounge chairs sprawled along rocks and sand, where you can enjoy a bite of Lebanese food with your feet dangling in the water while sipping on your favorite beach drink.

Lola’s, Bikfaya

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A picturesque lunch spot to spend a warm spring afternoon, Lola’s serves mouthwatering dishes like steak and pain perdu, a wide variety of fine wines, and a breathtaking outdoor terrace with a spectacular mountain view.

Haven the Cabin, Byblos

We love this one so much we wrote an article about it.

Horsh, Beirut

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Open on the weekends, Beirut’s biggest green space is ideal for taking a quick nature break without leaving the city.

Chateau Kefraya, Bekaa

You’ll need to reserve in advance before visiting for your chance to go on a sunny wine tasting tour at one of Lebanon’s most prized wineries.

Chez Fouad, Anfeh

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Our favorite Anfeh escape, the atmosphere at Chez Fouad is lively and uplifting. Reserve a table for in advance for a scrumptious seafood lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon dancing to their feel-good tunes and taking spontaneous dives into the sea.

Palma Beach Resort, Tripoli

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Visit their renowned cafe, Al Fishawi, or the spectacular rooftop terrace above it, Seathroo, for a sunny sip by the sea.