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Meera Shamma 18 Apr 2018

21 First Date Ideas Perfect For Springtime In Lebanon

Spring is here at last, and after a cold winter it’s time to let new things blossom. If you found a special someone who you’d like to impress and make swoon, here are some ideal places around the country that are sure to set your relationship off on the right foot. If all goes well, you might be able to give them all a shot!

1. A bright breakfast at Kalei Coffee Co. in Mar Mikhael

Get up and get out – head to Kalei for an outdoor breakfast, coffee, and bring your pup along to really make them swoon.

2. A breezy mountain lunch at Lola’s, Bikfaya

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This mountain getaway has a spectacular view from their outdoor terrace, delicious food, and every bottle of wine you’ll need for that extra boost of courage.

3. Have some good conversation and a bottle of wine at MRQT Beirut

With its urban feel and laid-back vibes, MRQT is a great option for a casual date in the heart of the city.

4. A relaxing day by the pool at Sporting Club Beach

Our favorite Beirut beach for a multitude of reasons, head to this sun-haven early on a Saturday morning, grab two lounge chairs, and set them up right by the sea.

5. A beach day getaway at the Tyre Public Beach

Or, for a more adventurous beach date, pack a beach bag and drive south to Tyre’s picturesque public beach.

6. An ice cream date at Oslo

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I mean, who doesn’t love it? If you’re looking to keep it simple, take them to this sweet little spot for an icy treat. Follow with a walk through the streets of Mar Mikhael.

7. A walk in the park at Horsh Beirut

The picture says it all.

8. A lazy day away at Lazy B

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Lay back and relax together over a cocktail by the sea, and take a dip in one of their natural shallow pools.

9. Seafood by the sea at Jammal Restaurant

If you reserve ahead of time, you can get yourself a table that’s placed in the sea, giving a whole new level of footsie game potential.

10. Embark on a sunset stroll at Beirut Waterfront

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If you prefer something more active, less intimate, and more simple, a walk just might be the right idea.

11. An eclectic dance-off at Electric Sundown

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Or, if you’re looking to get right to it and make sure they really know how to dance before you embark on romance, take them to Beirut’s hottest beach party. The first one for this season takes place tomorrow at Sporting Club Beach!

12. A rooftop drink at Coop D’etat

Time it around sunset for an added layer of romance.

13. Climb to a mountaintop on a weekend hike through the Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve

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A little adventure might be exactly what the two of you need to be able to get to know each other.

14. A quick ride on the ferris wheel followed by some coffee by the sea at Falamanki Raouche

Sounds crazy maybe, but the good kind of crazy.

15. Stroll through some art at Sursock Museum

Show them that you’re cultured – or at least pretend to be.

16. Spend a perfect day away in Tripoli

It’s a long drive from Beirut and you can get to know each other on the way. And Lebanon’s second biggest city has a whole lot of love to offer. Check out how you can spend an entire day in Tripoli here.

17. A weekend barbecue in the woods at Meghrak

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Get to grilling!

18. Relish a to-die-for sunset together at Haven the Cabin in Jbeil

Cozy, warm, and inviting, this is a great outdoor place to get to know someone.

19. Party with your toes in the sand at Pierre and Friends

Spend a day in the sun, and if the date goes well you’re at the perfect place, because Pierre & Friends turns into a party bar at night.

20. Have a beer-filled afternoon at Colonel Beer Brewery, Batroun

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Bask in the sun and the grass and the beer – and it’s another dog-friendly spot, so if you need some extra points or an added ice-breaker, bring them along for the fun.

21. Bike through the city together with Beirut by Bike

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This quirky date idea could be just the right way to start.