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Ghida Ladkani 24 Apr 2018

Check Out This Upcycled Fashion Brand From Lebanon

On Thursday, April 26, Salon Beyrouth will be hosting the launch of Emergency Room, a new fashion brand from Lebanon.

Emergency Room heavily relies on ethical processes of manufacturing fashion, as it depends on locally sourced materials that would otherwise be thrown away. This varies from dead stock fabrics (scraps from fabric stores that are too short to sell) and vintage material from Tripoli’s souks such as scarves, jeans, and blankets.

Moreover, the brand relies on the work of women from Tripoli who use the opportunity to support their families. This work has greatly affected their quality of life, especially in their disenfranchised areas.

The brand mainly produces a wide variety of eccentric jackets, along with pants and shirts that are truly one-of-a-kind, as all pieces are completely unique. Check out the launch in Salon Beyrouth and enjoy the music of Pimpa 3000, all the while supporting upcycled and ethical fashion.