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Yara Jaber 25 Apr 2018

The Best Duck Dishes You’ll Have In Beirut

No dish stimulates more fervent dispute than the notorious duck dish, some people claim it tastes just like chicken except its price tag has an added zero. We’re here to strongly disagree with the latter. Since Beirut and good food go hand in hand, here are our picks for the most dazzlingly delicious duck dishes in the city.

The duck pain perdu at Charlotte

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French toast topped with a cooked egg, and a generous side of duck leg, this dish takes on a tantalizing twist on the normal duck confit, and is truly a gift to your senses.

This dish will be available at Charlotte starting tomorrow.

Price: 24,750 LBP

The duck confit at Couqley

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Couqley’s scrumptious version of the plate features the usual delicious tender braised duck leg, served with caramelized onions, fresh oyster mushrooms, and jus de canard on a bed of sautéed potatoes.

Price: 38,000 LBP.

The duck plate at Baron

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Baron always tends to any dish of theirs with extreme attention to detail, and with this duck confit leg cooked to achieve crisp skin then drizzled with olives, and a side of armagnac prunes and parsnip purée, you’re in for a culinary delight.

Price: 55,000 LBP.

The confit du canard at Goûtons Voir

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A duck leg cooked to perfection smothered in a creamy and mouthwatering sauce, with a side of mushrooms and mashed potatoes. Goûtons Voir never fails to impress on the culinary level.

Price: 39,000 LBP.

The confit du canard at Celcius

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Yes, it tastes as delicious as it sounds. If you’re still not convinced, imagine Korean steamed buns with confit duck leg drizzled with the thick and aromatic hoisin sauce and served with pickled cucumbers. Drooling yet?

Price: 19,000 LBP.

The confit de canard et pommes sarladaises at Le Bergerac

You’re having duck leg like you’ve never had it before at this restaurant. That’s their claim and we’re here to second it.

Price: 34,000 LBP