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Mia Arawi 16 May 2018

12 Weird Things Lebanese People Do When They’re Bored

How do you cure your boredom in Beirut? Here are some weird things we’ve noticed that Lebanese people do when they have nothing better to do. How many of these random time-wasting activities are you guilty of?

1. Stalk Lebanese social media influencers on Instagram

You’ll stare blankly at their heavily face-tuned faces, in awe of their beauty – although you’re fully aware that it is manufactured by an app.

2. Stalk exes on Instagram

What more self-sabotaging way to escape boredom than via feelings of all-encompassing grief garnered by heavy stalking of heavily-filtered photographs of somebody that you used to know? They don’t look as bored as you while sipping on that beer at Sporting Beach, do they?

3. Stalk potential love interests on Instagram

Your eyes crossed with another’s two weeks ago while you were sitting in a dimly lit bar in Badaro. Through heavy eavesdropping, you figured out their first name. Nothing like pure boredom to help you find his/her family name – and then his entire family and their Insta accounts. Time to silently judge someone you will never, ever know.

4. Eat mountains of bizir or turmos

5. Start pointless arguments with their significant other

While you were Insta-exploring you noticed he liked a picture of Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini. You swiftly send an angry Whatsapp text to the tune of something like this, “Shu babe, 3ajbetak teeza la Emily?”

6. Get drunk

There is no stronger call for Lebanese people to swarm Mar Mikhael than that of boredom.

7. Call friends for instant gossip

You call your friends and ask them to tell you something interesting. You’re instantly enthralled at the news of the demise of a relationship due to the male counterpart making out with another person late at night in a Hamra bar. You don’t know the couple, but you are instantly hooked and want to know more, so your friend goes way back into their relationship’s history as you hold the phone with one hand and stuff your face with turmos with the other.

8. Browse through articles like this on Beirut.com

We’re here to save you on even the most boring of days.

9. Scavenge through old family photos

Somewhere in a dusty box in an old armoire in the house, there will be a semi-decent photograph of you as a child that could garner more than 50 likes on Instagram. And you are determined to find it.

10. Sign up for random fitness classes that will never be attended

Mia is interested in attending ‘Free Yoga By The Sea’ next month. No she is not. She is just very, very bored.

11. Complain

Blame your boredom on the fact that last week when you were in the elevator, the electricity cut and since then you haven’t been able to really let go.

12. ‘Cruises’

I mean, the idea is always a cute one, but then you get in the car and reach the Corniche and end up fighting with 35 men before getting stuck in non-moving traffic, so you go home more bored than before but now with a splash of inner rage.