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Mia Arawi 18 May 2018

12 Fun Things To Do In Beirut That Don’t Involve Drinking

There are plenty of fun outings to go on in Beirut that don’t involve drinking yourself silly. Here are a few new activities to try around Beirut when you’re bored of the usual bars, pubs, and hangovers.

A gaming experience at Multiverse

A pop culture haven and cozy cafe, get lost in your favorite board games and card games or try something new here, as they’ve got hundreds of games to choose from.

An artsy escape at Joon on the Moon

Build a unicorn headband or dream catcher, test your knowledge at a quiz night, or learn how to paint – all at Joon on the Moon. Keep a lookout on their Facebook Page to stay up to date with their upcoming artsy activities.

Play cards or tawle at Al Falamanki

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Order an Arguileh if you must, and play the day away.

Try an exotic cuisine at Makan or Motto

Ever wondered what Ethiopian cuisine tastes like? Moroccan? Sri Lankan? Vietnamese? Wonder no more, because Makan and Motto serve delicious international cuisines on the weekly. Keep yourself in the loop and decide which cuisine is right for you. Make sure to reserve, because they often reach full capacity days in advance.

Explore the city on two wheels with Beirut by Bike

Cycle through your favorite city: it’s the perfect way to have fun and shed that extra holiday weight at the same time.

Take a walk through the city’s prettiest hoods

By day or by night, Beirut is home to many beautiful walking routes.

Go to one of these breathtaking beaches

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Get beachy.

Go on a getaway

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Escape the city and take a break from the congested roads with a refreshing road trip.

Get lost in a movie night

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Both Cantina Sociale and Minus 1 host weekly movie nights. Keep a lookout on their Facebook pages to figure out when your favorite movie is playing!

Watch a live performance

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NOW Beirut host live performances on the daily. Stay up to date with their upcoming performances to figure out which ones you’d like to attend.

Try your luck at one of these escape room games

Are you smart enough to make it through? Grab your friends and give it a go.

Embark on a long cruise

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Try one of these picturesque routes.