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Meera Shamma 23 May 2018

12 Of The Best Beaches Lebanon Has To Offer

Every day is the perfect beach day when the weather is nice in Lebanon. So next time the sun comes out and you’ve got nothing better to do (what’s better than going to the beach though?) try one of these extraordinary must-visit beaches around the country.

Tyre Public Beach, Tyre

Not only is it open to the public, Lebanon’s Tyre Beach is also known to many as the most beautiful beach in Lebanon, and the cleanest! With no entry fee, tourists and natives alike admire this natural beach for its soft white sand and unaltered crisp blue shore, with the water as clear as it gets in terms of Lebanese beaches. Why not turn a road trip into a beach day? The route is as scenic as they come, just follow the sea to the south and you’ll end up at what just might be Lebanon’s most treasured shoreline.

Lazy B, Jiyyeh

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True to its name, Lazy B will bring out the most carefree lazy vibes you’ve got in you. This dreamy beach features a sandy shore, three natural creeks, and two dazzling swimming pools for you to choose from. With green spaces for you to rest, eternal windows of sunshine, and one of the most dazzling sunsets you’ll see in Lebanon, Lazy B is a must-visit destination. The perfect mix of luxury and adventure, Lazy B is truly something special.

Benny Beach, Chekka

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Located in Chekka, on Lebanon’s northern coast, this beach is somewhat of a hidden gem. The entrance fees are as low as they come (10,000 LL for adults and 5,000 LL for children), and the coast is sandy and gorgeous. It’s a terrific place to spend some low-key beach time with your friends and family.

White Beach

As the name suggests, White Beach has a gorgeous white rocky coast. Located in Batroun, this local treasure is clean, relaxed, and doesn’t get overcrowded. The entrance fee is low (around 10,000 LL) and there is a restaurant so you can enjoy a lunch during your day at the beach.

Ô-Glacée, Batroun

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This cool sailor’s school and beach bar is located in Batroun, and managed by the Lebanese Yacht Club. Here you’ll enjoy the benefits of a clean pebbly and sandy coast, and you’ll get the chance to give your wallet a rest. It has free entrance, just pay as you order! Be sure to try their delicious food, including their freshly caught fish accompanied with the most delicious Lebanese mezza.

Pierre & Friends, Batroun

Ranked as one of the best beach bars in the world, Pierre and Friends is a refreshingly cool getaway for a day filled with sun, food, and adventure. You’ll find lounge chairs sprawled along the rocky sand, where you can enjoy a bite of Lebanese food with your feet dangling in the water. Be sure to stick around for sunset, where you’ll be overwhelmed with scenic beauty just as the DJ begins to play infectious beach tunes. Once the music starts, you’ll be tempted to linger and turn your beach day into a fun-filled nighttime pursuit, complete with food, drinks, and dancing along to the beats of waves crashing against Batroun’s stunning shore.

Sporting Club Beach, Beirut

The beach is renowned for its authentic Lebanese vibe, as well as for its unmatched simplicity that coincides with an equally unmatched sense of luxury. It’s nothing like the fancy beach resorts that Lebanon has so much of, it’s simple, comfortable, and unmistakably Lebanese. Unassuming as Sporting Club is, you can still treat yourself to a five star seafood meal at the Feluka Restaurant upstairs, or enjoy a more laid back Lebanese meal at the poolside restaurant which overlooks the Mediterranean sea.

Rabbit Island, Tripoli

Just off Tripoli’s coast is an island that can’t be seen from the shore, a serene 20 minute journey out into the water. Rabbit Island is surrounded by other small islands, where you can take your pick and get to lounging. You’ll find icy white sandy shores contrasted with crisp blue water, and no matter how far out you swim, the cleanliness means you’ll always see your toes! With no official entrance to the islands your day away will be free of cost, although the short boat ride to get there will cost you around 10,000 LL. Bring whatever you want to eat and drink along with you to the island as once you arrive, you’ll be completely isolated from reality. The only things you can rent on the island are umbrellas and chairs, and some shisha. Head to Tripoli’s mina and you’ll find a dozen boats waiting to take you to this little piece of homegrown paradise.

Ta7et el Rih, Anfeh

Anfeh’s picturesque coast is home to some of the prettiest and most authentic Lebanese beaches you’ll find in the country. Side by side and abundant with vibrancy, the beaches that line this picturesque shore are equipped with delicious restaurants and delicious views of the sea – all for free or for a small entrance fee. Pass by Chez Fouad for a summertime party while seated by the sea, or Las Salinas for a more upscale Anfeh adventure.

Orchid, Jiyyeh and Batroun

A luxury resort by the sea, Orchid is where to go when you feel like treating yourself, beach style. With its stunning landscape, excellent service, and perfectly clear water, Orchid is a must-visit beach in Lebanon for those seeking that royal treatment.

Edde Sands, Jbeil

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One of the oldest and goldest sandy beaches in Lebanon, Edde Sands is absolutely massive and has everything you’ll need for a perfect beach getaway. With an array of pools to choose from, an endless sandy shore, and delicious food and drinks, this is the perfect beach to go to no matter what kind of crew you’re bringing along, whether it be friends, family, or both.

Loco Beach

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True to its name, things can get a little crazy at Loco Beach. Get there early in the morning and grab a lounge chair by the sea. By the time you start to feel a little too sun-kissed, the music will start playing and you’ll find yourself at an impromptu beach party. Jump in the pool and order a drink or two and enjoy the good vibes at this northern escape. If you’re hungry, you’re in luck, because they serve delicious Lebanese cuisine and seafood at their restaurant upstairs.