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Meera Shamma 28 May 2018

Biggest Animal Rescue In Lebanon’s History: BETA Saves 83 Dogs From Deplorable Living Conditions

Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) announced last Thursday that, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, they had successfully carried out the largest animal rescue operation in Lebanon’s history.

BETA received an anonymous tip earlier this month that drew their attention to a dog breeding and boarding facility at an unrevealed location in Mount Lebanon where almost a hundred dogs were said to be living in wretched conditions, and where over 30 dogs were said to have died in the last few months.

Emaciated and filthy, the dogs were being held in ghastly conditions for an undetermined amount of time. In a video posted by BETA on Instagram, they stated that one of their biggest concerns was successfully getting to the dogs, knowing that several of them probably ‘only had a few hours left to survive’.

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Judge Tanios Saghbini ordered the raid of the facility and gave judicial guardianship of the rescued dogs to BETA. The dogs were in such horrid conditions that 10 of them passed away during the process of BETA trying to save them. The dogs were said to have been starved for up to a week before the facility had been raided.

Now, BETA, who already have over 600 dogs at their boarding facility – have the heavy burden of finding space and hope for the dogs that have just been rescued in what is Lebanon’s biggest animal rescue operation to date.

To help BETA successfully complete their commendable operation, you can donate, foster, sponsor, or adopt one or more of the dogs they currently have at the shelter and the ones that are now on their way – visit their website to find out how to do so.