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Yara Jaber 30 Jun 2018

11 Of The Most Picturesque Guesthouses And B&Bs In Lebanon

Hidden in the mountains, on the shores, and in cities around Lebanon are 11 of the most exquisite-looking places we’ve seen in the country. From the character to the place, to the personalized interior, to the surrounding views, these guesthouses, in no particular order, have shown the world the true meaning of Lebanese hospitality:

1. Guita Bed and Bloom

Perched on the mountains of Akoura, this guesthouse and family farm accommodates 15 guests, has 5 rooms and 9 beds. With the unparalleled views and the very friendly staff, this place should be high up your list when you’re looking to disconnect from the city for a weekend. And it’s animal friendly!

2. Dar Linda

This bed and breakfast in Deir al Qamar can hold up to 4 people at a time, which shows how secluded and private it can be. Nour, one of the owners of the place, is very much intrigued by objects that carry stories, and so you’ll find the walls of this vibrantly-colorful place decorated with things she has found during her travels.

3. Bouyouti

When you’re walking around this guesthouse, you’ll feel like you’re strolling around in an immaculately-drawn painting. The color palette of everything surrounding you is in perfect fusion. This escape is located in Chouf, has twelve distinct guest houses, and is the mountain haven you need to run to for your next staycation.

4. Marse

Overlooking the pristine Anfeh beach, this famously-blue guesthouse is a sea-lover’s dream. You get to experience Anfeh with all its perks like a true local, and you don’t have to be spend the night there to check out the house. The best feature is the rooftop, which will overlook the never-ending beach and show you what Northern Lebanese sunsets look like.

5. Al Yasmine Guesthouse

South Spanish vibes is what you’ll get out of this guesthouse. The pastel colors, the majestic flowering tree, and little corners splattered around the premise, all the factors that contribute to a weekend that will be well-spent. This place in Maaliye, Tyre has 17 rooms.

6. Dar Alma & Dar Camelia

You’ve probably heard about this one and seen it everywhere, but we still can’t get enough of it! Wake up to the sound of the waves crashing on Sour’s shore in a spacious, comfortable, and stylish room. Their seafood restaurant serves a selection of local and fusion dishes, and Dar Camelia’s hidden garden is where you’ll have your tea afterwards.

7. Beit Al Batroun

A peaceful, serene space nestled in a little valley in Batroun overlooking the Mediterranean, Beit al Batroun is a haven, a peaceful countryside retreat that has 5 customized rooms: Ballouta room, Tineh room, Zeitouneh room, Mosaic room, and Aaricheh room. See what your mood is for the day, and choose your space! Our favorite is, and will always be, the Mosaic room.

8. Al Haush Guesthouse

This time we’re headed to Zahle to experience the true Bekaa lifestyle, to an agro-tourism destination synonymous with calm, charming, and authentic agricultural traditions. You’ll find the guesthouse surrounded with huge green fields, and you won’t find yourself in a more open and serene place anywhere else in Lebanon.

9. Bkerzay

Small stone houses set up together in Chouf with a touch of traditional interior and a soothing exterior. Rush over to this place to spend a weekend chilling by the clear water pool, sipping on a drink, admiring the landscape, and just listening to the sounds of nature while doing absolutely nothing else.

10. Domaine de Chouchène

Featuring 5 bedrooms, this guesthouse in Bekaa is as picturesque as they get. The best feature about this oasis is the landscape. All you’ll see is the color green, and you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy that feature as they hold daytime activities as well.

11. Ecolodge Taanayel

Stay at this guesthouse and help Lebanon’s most underprivileged and marginalized communities, as The Ecolodge is one of arcenciel’s entities.

Located in Bekaa, it has 7 units which can accommodate between 5 to 7 people each. Step into the rooms and you’ll immediately be teleported to an old Lebanese house from the painting of the walls to the decorations and all the way to the slightest details (windows, doors, handicraft work, mattresses on the floor). Step out of the rooms and enjoy the beautiful terrains of green.