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Beirut.com 10 Jul 2018

5 Of The Most Gorgeous Guesthouses In Chouf

This article was originally published on our Arabic platform by Adiba Kassab and was translated to English.

A lot of people love to escape the city and the pressure of a daily 9-6 job to spend their weekends in nature surrounded with the tranquility of the trees, forests, mountain hills, and valleys. A lot of people also wish to have peek into the village life, eat local and natural food, breathe in fresh air, and enjoy some downtime. That’s why we’d like to introduce to you to the most gorgeous and serene guesthouses located in Lebanon’s beautiful Chouf.

1. Cezar Guesthouse:

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The place is located on the hill in Barouk in the midst of a rural space, where you’ll live in a true “farmer experience”. You’ll also be allowed access into the kitchen where you can make your own breakfast from scratch using their hand picked vegetables, and organic eggs straight from their chickens. In the evening, a bonfire is set up with music in the background and a friendly gathering.

Price per night: $35 per person

2. Rawa2 Village:

True to its name, this place is where people can enjoy some peaceful time with friends and family. The place is located in Deir Al Qamar and with its special location you can discover the historic village of Chouf.

Price per night: $100 to $165

3. Bkerzay:

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A village inside a village, everything is natural here, from the stone to the houses and food. The best features of this place in Baakline are the Turkish bath, the pottery school, yoga and hiking activities, and a beautiful pool.

Price per night: $120 to $400

4. Beit el Qamar:

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Deir Al-Qamar is a place where modernity and heritage are combined. There’s a terrace with refreshing colors for tables and chairs, in addition to a table restaurant belonging to Souk el Tayeb.

Price per night: $130 to $250

5. Bouyouti:

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This place is located in Maaser Beiteddine, considered one of the best guesthouses in Chouf, and offers a delicious Lebanese breakfast. The dip in the pool is so refreshing, where you can float in the clear waters while admiring the surrounding nature.

Price per night: $200 to $400