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Yara Jaber 16 Jul 2018

7 Cocktail Bars With Delicious Food In Beirut

Grab a drink along a mouth-watering bite at one of these cocktail bars in and around Beirut:


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Excellent Peruvian cuisine meets an elegant indoor bar scene at this venue, and you’ll never have to compromise good food with this place.

Our favorites: black truffle pizza, shrimp halloumi maki, and the salmon aji maki.

Dirty Laundry

You’ll spill your drinks at this urban-chic rooftop from how delicious the food is. Savor the small bites, and the big ones too, and down them all with their Little Secret drink.

Our favorites: prawn katayfeh, and the dirty beef carpaccio


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Moody, tinted, and sexy is how we’d describe this Beirut hotspot. They have an exquisite menu, with over 150 whiskeys and “a treasure trove of vodka”, so you can pretty much say you’ve hit the jackpot with this venue.

Our favorites: cappelletti spinach and ricotta cheese, grilled octopus, and spaghettini asparago truffle oil


Lounge music, an upscale atmosphere, and delicious bites to go with your equally delicious drinks, are all available and waiting for you at this stylish rooftop.

Our favorites: swordfish carpaccio with sake Yuzu dressing, the salmon tacos, and the Sriracha honey glazed salmon

Jackie On The Roof

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One of our favorite cocktail bars in Saifi has caught up with the weather and you’re now allowed to enter the magical world of Jackie Kennedy. Delve in their food and drink menu for a night well spent.

Our favorites: rock shrimps, truffle potatoes, the exotic roll (because we love fruits on our sushi)


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Iris not only satisfies on the visual level, but also on the culinary one as well. Their food tastes the best when it’s complimented by the sunset and a pitcher of sangria.

Our favorites: the Iris tree, of course, and the short ribs mini tacos


An elevated bar overlooking Beirut city is where you’ll indulge your taste buds in delectable food and appetizing drinks.

Our favorites: steamed shrimp dumplings, and the lobster rolls