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William Daou 13 Jul 2018

16 Skills That Only Lebanese People Possess

How many of these Lebanese skills do you posses?

1. Creating parking spaces out of thin air

Lebanese people have a knack for seeing potential in the smallest spaces on the street. See a small space between two cars that could never fit a car in it? A Lebanese person sees an entire parking lot.

2. Scheduling outings based on electricity cuts

I personally wait until the electricity cuts to go out for errands so that I don’t have to walk up the stairs when I get back home. You know you do it too.

3. Finding creative ways to avoid traffic

Sidewalks, bike lanes, small zawerib – they can all be 3-lane-highways in the eyes of Lebanese drivers.

4. Creating an image of wealth

Lebanese people have a weird obsession with appearing wealthy no matter what their status is. Here you’ll find someone driving a Mercedes, despite not having enough money to fill it with gas every month.

5. Multi-purposing

6. Dressing fashionably…to the gym

It’s truly astonishing.

7. Exceptional food delivery intake

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There’s no such thing as too much food in Lebanon. And, thanks to the country’s impressive food delivery services, I’m pretty sure that people in Lebanon order food more than anywhere else in the world.

8. Drowning out the incessant sound of car horns

Sometimes, I’ll zone out of what I’m doing at work, only to realize that outside sounds like a car-horn-warzone. We’ve become deaf to the chaos, so you may as well stop honking anyway.

9. Continuous alcohol intake

Sundays and Arak, a match made in heaven.

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It’s a Lebanese skill that I have yet to call my own. How do you do it?

10. Eating like a king every day

There’s no such thing as a quick hunger fix in Lebanon. If you’re hungry, or even if you’re not hungry, you go all out.

11. Letting history repeat itself

Politically speaking.

12. Driving while under constant extreme pressure

Only when you’ve mastered staying calm while driving in Lebanon can you truly be considered Lebanese.

13. General fearlessness

The classic ‘was that a bomb or a machine gun or fireworks’ question that is swiftly followed by carrying on with your day highlights this point perfectly.

14. Professional arguileh smoking

Arguileh in the morning. Arguileh at lunch. Arguileh at night. You won’t find more skilled arguileh-smokers and smoke-hoop-blowers anywhere else in the world, and if you do, they’re probably Lebanese.

15. Finding innovative ways to get things delivered

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16. Creating innovative bumper stickers

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