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Meera Shamma 20 Jul 2018

Summer Venues Perfect For Bachelorette Parties In Lebanon

If you don’t have time to travel abroad for your bachelorette party, fear not. These are some picture-perfect party escapes perfect for bachelorette festivities in Lebanon.

Have a private bungalow party at Edde Sands

What: Byblos’s most glamorous sandy beach, Edde Sands has some of the best bungalows available for rent in Lebanon. With their own jacuzzi and access to a private pool, these bungalows are the perfect setting for your farewell to singledom.
Where: Byblos

Janna Sur Mer

What: Another picturesque beach with stunning bungalows available for rent, get yourself a poolside bungalow where you and your girls can celebrate by the sea.
Where: Dammour

Madame Bleu

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What: A lively pool, bar, and restaurant in the heart of Beirut, Madame Bleu is a perfectly luxurious poolside venue where you can have a low key party complete with a bright blue pool and some sparkly champagne.
Where: Ain Mraisse

Pre Beirut

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What: A trendy rooftop in the heart of Beirut and overlooking the entire city, this is a perfect venue for those looking to have a rooftop party in the city.
Where: Downtown

Chez Fouad

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What: A Lebanese beach and restaurant in Anfeh’s bustling ‘Taht el Ri7’, a strip of lively bars and beaches, Chez Fouad is always a party waiting to happen. Make a reservation, put your swimsuits on, gather your girls, and head to this northern day party spot for good food, loud music, and a beach bachelorette party in true Lebanese fashion.
Where: Anfeh

Escape to one of these mountain pools and have a private poolside party.

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Candyfornia Cafe

What: Not a place to have a party, but this venue in Monot is bursting with brightness and has its own room dedicated to elaborate colorful photoshoots. So, if you’d like to have a photoshoot with your friends on the day of your bachelorette party, we suggest you do so here.
Where: Monot Street

Ixsir Winery

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What: Wine and dine the day away with your friends at this vibrant vineyard where some of Lebanon’s most prized wines are made.
Where: Batroun

DiscoBanana Wednesdays at Discotek

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What: On Wednesdays at The Garten, Discotek goes bananas. For a neon-light filled night complete with flying dancers, fire performances, glitter falling from the sky, rainbow balloons, and men walking on stilts – look no further than this. It could be the perfect end to your single life, full of drinks and photo-ops with friends.
Where: The Garten

Pierre & Friends

What: Considered by many as Lebanon’s best party beach, Pierre & Friends is perfect for a summertime bachelorette celebration. Enjoy eating at their delicious seafood restaurant, drinking at their bar nestled on the rocky shore, and dancing to the loud music that will keep you feeling good all day long and into the night.
Where: Batroun

Iris Beach Club

What: Iris rooftop’s ode to the beach, this trendy beach 20 minutes south of Beirut is perfect for that person who wants to celebrate their upcoming wedding, all day and into the night.
Where: Dammour

Loco Beach

What: Every day is a beach party at Loco Beach in Batroun. Dance on the rocks to the loud music and jump in the sea whenever you need to cool down. With a seafood restaurant, a bright blue sea, and loud music blasting through the speakers, this beach could be perfect for your bachelorette celebrations.
Where: Batroun

June Beach House

What: June Beach Resort has one of the most breathtaking sea views in North Lebanon. Equipped with a Hawaiian-themed bar and access to the sea, this Northern gem often hosts live gigs where you can celebrate your bachelorette in the beach-iest of ways.
Where: Amchit


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What: This is the ultimate place to go if you want to have a party while dancing under the sun. This northern beachside escape has a massive bar and serves deliciously refreshing cocktails as they blast feel-good music from their speakers all day long.
Where: Batroun

Orchid Luxury Resort

What: For that bachelorette beach-goer that wants to be treated like royalty, look no further than this picture-perfect and luxurious beach escape.
Where: Jiyyeh, Batroun

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