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Meera Shamma 25 Jul 2018

4 New Casual Restaurants To Try Around Beirut

If you’re looking to try something new without the fuss of getting all dressed up, these are some new casual food spots to try around the city.

Tuk Tuk

A new Asian street food delivery service in Beirut, you can get your fix of aromatic noodles, crispy wontons and fresh summer rolls, and your favorite Asian fried rice dishes delivered right to your door from this new spot. It doesn’t get more casual than this, because you won’t even have to leave your house for a taste of their delicious Asian dishes.

5 Chicks

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The new go-to spot for fried chicken lovers is 5 Chicks in Jnah. Serving tubs of fried chicken, coleslaw, chicken wings, and whole rotisserie chicken, this casual spot in Beirut is the place to go when you’re in the mood for some deep fried goodness.

P’s and B’s

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If you can’t decide between pizza or a burger, why not have both at P’s and B’s in Jnah? This new casual eatery serves the best of both worlds: from cheesy, overloaded slices of pizza to scrumptious juicy burgers.

Cafe Badaro

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A simple cafe and restaurant in Beirut’s trendy Badaro neighborhood, Cafe Badaro serves traditional Lebanese dishes, coffee, and arguileh in a bright, homey setting. You’ll feel right at home at this new space, where the only difference is that you’ll be treated like a guest.