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Meera Shamma 25 Jul 2018

11 Beach Getaways Where You Can Bask In The Sun This Weekend

Pack your beach bag and get going.

Jungle Beach – Amchit

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They’ve got swings in the sea, hammocks hanging over the Mediterranean, and delicious seafood to keep you full as you swing all day long above the water. At Jungle Beach, you can enjoy their Fishermen’s Market every Friday evening, where they host an outdoor seafood grilling session every week to welcome the weekend the right way. Their outdoor seating ranges from cushions on the deck, beds sprawled out on the grass, seated dining tables lining the sea, and swings hanging in the air.

Boho Bar & Bites – Batroun

Nothing beats a Batroun sunset, and there’s a new place in the northern coastal town that makes them even better. Boho Bar & Bites has just graced Lebanon’s picturesque beach town with a whole new level of laid-back goodness. With comfortably cushioned garden chairs, fluffy pillows to sit on on the floor, hammock swings, all spread out over an outdoor deck perched right above the sea, Boho is the perfect summer evening escape. Open from 6 PM every day, this beach-side gem offers deliciously refreshing cocktails that taste like summer in a cup – like cherry mojitos, gin basils, and peachy spiked lemonades. They also serve scrumptious bites ranging from ceviche to ribs.

Lazy B – Jiyye

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A secluded beach about 20 minutes south of Beirut, Lazy B is for nature lovers seeking relaxation, serenity and peace. The resort features three natural swimming pools, a large sandy beach, three freshwater swimming pools (two of them for adults only), large balconies overlooking the Mediterranean, a fish restaurant and several snack shops and bars, as well as a massage and well-being area.

Colonel Reef – Batroun

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Colonel Beer Brewery’s ode to the sea, this place is dedicated to their love for beer and the beach. With exciting water activities to choose from, comfortable cushions to relax on by the shore, and an extensive bar with drinks and nibbles – this is the perfect chilled out beach escape in Batroun.

Tyre Public Beach – Tyre

This is, without a doubt, the most perfect beach in Lebanon. The coast is gorgeous and sandy, the water is perfect and clean, and the administration is extremely friendly and organized. Though it may be a little bit far from Beirut, it is well worth the drive. Head down there on a sunny morning to be met with golden sand and colorful umbrellas, the best part? There is no entrance fee, it’s free!

Nomad – Byblos

A hotel and beach club, Nomad has just graced the sandy shores of Byblos. Nomad was designed with an underlying love of nature as the main inspiration. The beach has wooden bungalows lining the white sand and bright blue sea, and lush green scenery to compliment the natural aesthetic perfectly.

This notorious Batroun spot has become a favorite for most Lebanese people! You can enjoy the music and a gorgeous bar on the rocky shore – all for free entrance. Don’t forget to eat at the restaurant; time it right and you get to enjoy your deliciously fresh seafood with a killer view of the beach at sunset.

White Beach – Batroun

As the name suggests, White Beach has a gorgeous white coast. Located in Batroun, this local treasure is clean, relaxed, and doesn’t overcrowd. The entrance fee is low and depends on the day you choose to visit. They’ve got a delicious restaurant where you can enjoy a lunch during your day at the beach.

June Beach Resort – Amchit

A hidden spot off the highway in Amchit, June Beach Resort has one of the most breathtaking sea views in North Lebanon. The Hawaiian-themed bar in the center adds the perfect touch to the unique venue and the friendly staff will guarantee that your chilled drinks keep coming so that you can properly unwind after a day of tanning and swimming. The live music, delicious food, and signature cocktails will make you feel like it’s June all year long.

Taht el RihAnfeh

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Lebanon’s very own Greek-looking escape, Taht el Rih features an array of lively restaurants and bars where you can bask in the sun, Lebanese style. Our favorite is Chez Fouad, where the Arak keeps flowing, the music keeps playing, and the food is absolutely delicious.

Rabbit Island

Just off Tripoli’s coast is an island that can’t be seen from the shore, and a serene 20 minute journey out into the water. Rabbit Island is surrounded by other small islands, and you can take your pick. You’ll find ice white sand and crisp blue water, and no matter how far out you swim, the cleanliness means you’ll always see your toes! There is no entrance, although the short boat ride will cost around 10,000 LL and you can come and go whatever time you want. Bring whatever you want with you to the island including food and drinks as you’ll be completely isolated from reality. The only things you can rent on the island is an umbrella and chairs, and a shisha. Head to Tripoli’s mina and you’ll find a dozen boats waiting to take you to this little piece of paradise