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Beirut.com 16 Aug 2018

9 Places With The Best Maamoul In Lebanon

The season of Maamoul has arrived, but don’t you fret since we’ve compiled a list of our favourite places to get Maamoul in Lebanon (that’s not made by your mom, because, of course, your mom’s Maamoul is undoubtedly awesome)!

1. Hilwayat al Salam (Hanna Mitri)

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A hidden gem in Achrafieh, Hanna Mitri makes mouthwatering maamoul using a very traditional recipe and high quality ingredients. Of course, you can’t not have a scoop or two of their iconic ice cream.

2. Patisserie Chidiac

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These are a favorite! Located in Wadi Shahrour, these small but mighty bites of heaven will keep you coming back for more. Our favorite is the bitter orange flavor.

3. Safsouf Sweets

Famous for their iconic knefeh, this Tarik el Jdeedeh gem also makes to-die-for maamoul. Be sure to check it out!

4. La Cigale

Massive buttery and delicious, that is how we describe the delectable maamoul at La Cigale!

The following was written by Beirut.com writer Christina Naim

5. Amal Bohsali

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Famed for their delicious knefe as one of the top Lebanese street foods we cant live without, Amal Bohsali is a great choice to pick up some yummy maamoul this holiday.

6. Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons

Located in Tripoli, Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons is known for the best oriental sweets in Lebanon! Not to worry though, you don’t need to go all the way to Tripoli to get your dose of traditional maamoul since they have a few branches in Beirut!

7. Biscuit Patisserie & Bakery

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That whiff of traditional orange blossom and rose essences as soon as you open the box is enough to make your mouth water. The fillings are rich, dense, and of high quality; all that you expect from a tasty maamoul – HIGHLY recommended!

8. Le Gabarit

We included one “diet” Maamoul option for those of you who are watching your cholesterol and blood sugar levels or those who are simply watching their waist line! The Maamoul at Le Gabarit can be a great alternative to satisfy your Maamoul cravings.

9. Your House

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Last but not least, the best maamoul can be found at home! Didn’t see that one coming did you? We didn’t want you guys to feel left out from this list. I’m sure each and every one of your moms and tetas make the best maamoul in the world in your eyes!

Did we miss any of your favourites? Feel free to suggest some more places!