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Fatima Al Mahmoud 28 Aug 2018

Lebanese Man Killed For “Blasphemy” in North Lebanon

At a supermarket in Minyeh, North Lebanon, Mohamad Dheibi had been arguing with a cashier about the pricing of products.

Frustrated, Dheibi told the supermarket employee “7el 3an rabbe,” which in literal terms translates to “Get off my God” but colloquially is used to mean get off my back.

According to The Daily Star, a Sheikh overheard the encounter and considered Dheibi’s words to be blasphemous and an offense to religion. The Sheikh then called his two brothers, who waited for Dheibi outside the supermarket, chased him down, and attacked him with knives, stabbing him a total of nine times.

Dheibi’s brother told local media outlets that the victim was then thrown on the streets in a nearby village, with most of his body cut and mutilated.

Journalists, activists and citizens were quick to take their anger to social media.

They expressed their disbelief in the gruesome murder

and sympathy for Dheibi’s young son.