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Ghida Ladkani 03 Sep 2018

9 Lies You’ll Hear From Every Lebanese Taxi Driver

Riding with cabs in Lebanon is truly an adventure, be it good or bad. If you’re a regular taxi user, then you’ll be familiar with the recurrent lies all Taxi drivers spew. Here are the most notable of them:

1. Hala2 bzawreb mnoosal doghre

If you’ve ever been late to work because a cab driver decided to drop someone off on the other side of the globe, we feel you. May the lord be with you as you’re stuck in 15 extra minutes of road time when you had already woken up late for work.

2. El AC manzoo3

Just say you don’t want to turn it on and go. It’s bad enough that you have to swelter in the heat of their 40 year old car, but the fact that they’re lying just makes the whole thing worse.

3. Mama3e gher hay el alf

If you’ve ever received a money bill that looks like it’s been through the civil war, trampled by horses, or shredded and glued back together, this one’s for you.
How is it possible that a car that operates on two thousand per costumer has only this tattered excuse for a bill.

4. Mala7 ytal3ookon ella taxi

This lie is especially vicious because it makes you doubt yourself.
You’re asking for a cab, and you’re told that you’re an absolute idiot for thinking that you can pay only two thou to get from Clemenceau to Hamra.

5. Ana ba3ref taree2 mokhtasara

Taking a longer route to pass through a busy area and pick up more costumers isn’t a shortcut, it’s presuming that their riders are stupid. But honestly, once you find a cab, you’re not leaving it. So just sit and smile through your pain.

6. Lek hay mabta3ref tsoo2

Whenever they get into an almost accident, it’s always someone else’s fault. Especially if that someone else is a woman. Actually, even if they don’t almost get into an accident, they have to point out that some woman is a horrible driver.

7. Ana mab7eb e7ke siyese, bas…

Expect a ride-long rant about some politician following this proclamation. God be with you on this perilous journey of extreme anger and search for approval from you with their questionable logic.

8. Ana deres tobb

If you had a penny for every time a cab driver told you how they went to med school or law school, you’d be able to afford going through med school and opening a private practice.

9. Ana kenet ba3ref [insert famous person name here] men zamen

Every cab driver has a person who made it, and they will tell you time and time again how they grew up with Nancy Ajram or helped raise Ali El Deek.