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Rea Haddad 07 Sep 2018

5 Places That Are Perfect For A Sunday Morning In Beirut

Main image is by Nizar Faour ©

Whether you live alone or with your family, Sundays are made for you to get out of the house. So, turn off Casa De Papel, take a shower and get moving! It is a sunny day you need to make use of in Beirut.

1. Take a stroll in Horsh Beirut

Get some fresh air and exercise in Beirut’s largest public green space. It’s free and you’ll feel totally transported while you walk (or jog) through the pine trees!

2. Enjoy an authentic breakfast at Al Soussi

You know that beyd bi awarma craving you get on Sunday mornings? That’s what Soussi is for!

3. Watch a bunch of dogs playing (or bring your own) at Dog Palace

For those of you who are dog-obsessed, this place is paradise. Dog Palace is an open and safe space for dogs to chill, run around off-leash, and play. Fellow hoomans can order food and drinks while they watch.

4. People-watch on the corniche, or get moving on a bike.

Did you wake up so energetic you can conquer the city? Head to the Manara corniche for a walk and a coffee, or hit up Beirut by Bike to kickstart your day.

5. Brunch your heart out at Bar Tartine

Brunch is exactly what you’ll need after a wild Saturday night. Indulge and enjoy!