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Beirut.com 01 Oct 2018

3 Free And Fun Events Happening This Week In Beirut

It is the end of the month, and this is how we like it: fun and free.

Looking for something to do after work (that won’t cost you a kidney)? Check out this list.

1. Film Screening at AUB

What: Rasheed by Samia Badih is a film revolving around the life of a 29-year-old who was killed in an Israeli airstrike in the city of Sidon in 1982. The movie is in Arabic and places are limited, so make sure to get there early.

When: Tuesday September 25

Where: American University of Beirut

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2. Free Walking Tour in Beirut

What: Don’t you just miss walking around the city? Whether you are a local or not, it is always good to take a break from your smartphone and look up more often.

When: Tuesday September 25

Where: Beirut Souks main entrance

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3. Live Session of DisTortion

What: Every month Metro Madina hosts a jam session with emerging or established talents. The beauty of this show is the electrifying spontaneity that happens between the musicians.

The event is free of charge but you are welcome to order food and drinks.

When: Wednesday September 26

Where: Metro Al Madina

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