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Tanya Maalouf 04 Oct 2018

11 Things You Hear If You Wear Braces in Lebanon

For the majority of adolescents, braces come first and they have a beautiful smile for the rest of their lives. For a few others, the dentist memo came in late and now they’re stuck with braces while in their twenties. Typically, these are a few things you hear from Lebanese people if you wear braces.

1. Mabrouk!

They’re braces not an engagement ring, calm down.

2. Amta 7ataytiyon?

3. Tab amta 7a tshiliyon?

4. Ouf ya3ne ba3ed bakeer

Good things take time.

5. W shu 7a ta3mleh?

I will suck it up, thank you very much.

6. Biwaj3ouke bas tekle?

7. Fike tekle kel shi?

I’m wearing braces not being starved to death…

8. Mish helween la hada b 3omrik

God forbid anyone wears braces post-puberty.

9. Kholes jeser jal el dib w ma kholso snenik

10. Ade dafa3te?

Oh yes, casually butt into my finances.

11. Daf3a wahdeh aw bel to2seet?

You’re mistaking my braces for a car.

12. Btemer2e 3adeh bel matar? Ma betzamre?

I’m… speechless.