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William Daou 09 Oct 2018

8 Ways You Convince Yourself That You Don’t Have To Study Right Now

Midterm season is up and running, you have a shit ton of material to go over and yet you still find ways not to study. Guess who is gonna cram everything in an overnight?

1. Forsa Boukra Fi Wa2et

Then, you press play again on your game of Call Of Duty.

2. Your W.W.E to-do list

Wrestle Mania is coming up so that is more important than the math test after-tomorrow.

3. Power naps will refill my energy levels

We both know that 20 minute power level will leave you wanting more bed time.

4. Mech 3am be2der rakez bel beit

So you drive to the coffee place that all of your friends go to and y’all just end up chilling for like 4 hours straight.

5. Man, boukra bou3a 4 A.M, brakez aktar

Uhm, a solid lie.

6. Mam, 3ayze chi?

The only time you want to help your parents is when you have a task to complete.

7. Jesem salim, 3a2el salim

The sudden urge to workout dawns on you. It is been 84 years you have’t felt it.

8. Rasse msakar, mej

You finally face the reality and it hits you that you are not motivated enough to study in the next hour. Just assume your laziness, it is fine!