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Mia Arawi 11 Oct 2018

8 Things All Lebanese Mothers Do On Facebook

The only thing that can possibly be more entertaining than Lebanese mothers in person is Lebanese mothers on Facebook, it’s their playground. Here are a few things they’ll do on Facebook or “el Face” as they call it.

1. They’re part of the Sabah El Kheir community, exchanging professionally photoshopped good morning greetings all day

The pictures then make their way to your WhatsApp…

2. They share recipes that they’ll never follow through on

While your mother is too busy sharing mouthwatering recipes to her food, you come back home to Mjadra.

3. She’s a pro online shopper, always on the lookout for the hottest offers on household items

4. Despite the fact that you have to ask her to put her phone away to hang out with her now, your mother will take pride in all your achievements and express it on Facebook too.

5. Unfamiliar with the concept of fact-checking, Lebanese mothers tend to be the most gullible and share the most unrealistic stories on Facebook.

No mama, Stephen Hawking did not convert religions before he died and Steve Jobs never talked about the benefits of cinnamon.

6. Who needs professional medical advice when you have Facebook, right Lebanese mothers?

7. We don’t know who’s always trying to sell drugs in kids’ candy at schools but our Lebanese mothers won’t let them get away it. Why? Because they share videos warning everyone and asking parents to be careful. W o k e.

8. Prayers. Prayers. Prayers. Where else to share them other than Facebook of course.