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Labib Mansour 17 Oct 2018

13 Lebanese First Date Horror Stories That Made Us Cringe

These will make you wish you remain single forever.

1. “He spent the entire date talking about his ex and then called her halfway through ‘as a joke’.” – Farah

2. “He unzipped his pants at the movies and kept trying to put my hand on his junk.” – Karen

3. “After a slightly awkward date I dropped her off at home and noticed a wet spot on the passengers seat. Pretty sure she both diarrhea’d and peed in my car.” – Joey

4. “I picked her up from Saida and we headed to a restaurant in Hamra, we finally get there after terrible traffic and after one minute she decides she wants another place in Jounieh” – Mahmoud

5. “His mom kept video calling him and he would pick up each time and spend a good 5 minutes talking to her. At one point he turned the cam towards me and told me to say hi then got offended that I wasn’t friendly.” – Carina

6. “I got horribly drunk and made out with him in the bathroom before violently throwing up in the sink right next to us.” – Reah

7. “Went on a date with a girl who turned out to be a fake “influencer”. She kept taking vids and dumb boomerangs and got really pissed when I started eating before she could take a picture.” – Michel

8. “He made me wait for two hours at a pub and kept texting that he was on the way, he then messaged that he had to postpone because ‘mish me7rzeh’.” – Kareem

9. “I went on this date and thought the place smelled really bad so we moved. It still smelled bad and she was so uncomfortable, turns out I had stepped in shit and hadn’t realized, when I tried to scrape it off in the bathroom I only made it worse and I definitely have not seen her since.” – Ahmad

10. “He argued that Dubai wasn’t in the Middle East and got really pissed when I Google’d it in front of him, the rest of the date was really passive aggressive.” – Tanya

11. “Pretty sure this girl ate a whole basket of extra toom before our date. I was literally gagging because of how bad it smelled.” – Ziad

12. “He kept bragging about how he owned shares at this place we were having drinks at and in the end he gave me a bill for just my cocktails.” – Sara

13. “We met on Tinder and I went to the bathroom only to come back and find him using Tinder.” – Lama