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Fatima Al Mahmoud 18 Oct 2018

10 Ways Lebanese Parents React To Rain

We’re in mid-October, and naturally, it has rained a few times. Even though we wake up to 27° temperatures on the daily, of course our parents are too far gone in their minds. In their eyes winter is here and they will be as dramatic as possible. Here’s a list of things our Lebanese parents do when it rains.

1. Your mother has already bought pantoufle for everyone

“Ma ba2a hada yetmasha bel bet 7afe”

2. The carpets are out

“Ou3a ted3aso 3al blat”

3. Your father is on the lookout for castana and batata helwe

Winter staples!

4. Sa7lab is now the go-to drink

5. You are officially banned from leaving the house without a jacket

“Lbeso 3laykon hala2 btemrado”

6. …or an undershirt

And God forbid you get sick, your shirt will immediately be lifted to prove you aren’t wearing one.

7. An umbrella is packed with your lunch

8. You sleep with one blanket and wake up covered in three more

9. Your parents are shocked that you’re going out

“Mish sheyfeen l ta2es kif?” Umm, do you expect us to stay in the entire season?

10. Weekend plans include tenzil el shatwe

“Kel wahad y3azel khzento yalla w kebbo li ma badkon yeh”