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Tanya Maalouf 19 Oct 2018

8 Things You Hear From Your Lebanese Mother When Organizing Your Closet

The seasons are changing and you can no longer avoid switching your wardrobe and organizing your closet under the supervision of your mother, who is not happy by the way. Here are things you hear from your Lebanese mother when you’re organizing your closet.

1. Kel shi ma 3am telebsou kebbou

2. Shefto el khzene kif mratabe? Hek badda tdal

3. Mish ma3roof el tyeb el weskha men l ndifeh

4. Bteshtero w ma btelebso

5. Lek hol ba3da el etiquette 3alayon

6. Fi nes ma 3endon tyeb

7. Hay shu baddak fiya? 3tiya la eben khaltak

8. Shu mfakrin halkon ma btelebso l at3a marten