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Tanya Maalouf 24 Oct 2018

10 Signs You Are Low-Key A Lebanese Teta/Jeddo

There’s no doubt that you’ve been outed as a teta/jeddo by your friends because you’re just too lazy and old in your twenties. Read on if you can relate!

Note: though the title says teta, young jeddos will relate too!

1. You are in bed by 9 P.M wearing your finest paqjamas.

2. You make plans and take pleasure in cancelling them.

3. Weekends are spent catching up on your favorite Turkish soap operas.

4. You play sudoku in the mornings and revel in the fact that you’re exercising your brain.

5. You criticize friends wearing heels because it’s really rough on the back.

6. You turn on the AC just to cozy up in your sweaters.

7. You invite your friends over and cook for them, vegetables are served and not just nuggets. You then proceed to have them spill all the tea.

8. You cut your hair if it grows a single centimeter.

9. You own these, and enjoy wearing them.

10. You secretly enjoy a good game of tawleh.