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Beirut.com 07 Nov 2018

12 Times We Could Relate To Fifi Abdou’s Dancing Videos

Fifi Abdou has recently acknowledged Lebanese twitter, following people left and right and entertaining them with dancing videos that could only be described as “big mood”.

So of course we couldn’t resist writing this, here are 10 times we could relate to Fifi Abdou’s adorable dancing videos.

1. When you make it to the elevator before the electricity goes and you don’t have to take the stairs.

2. When you pass the exams you didn’t study for

3. When you randomly find money in your pockets

4. When it’s almost Christmas season

5. When you find a parking spot and don’t have to give your car to valet

6. When your siblings try to borrow your clothes but they don’t fit them

7. When your mom asks what you want for lunch and actually delivers

8. When you get to Swiss butter and don’t have to wait 30+ minutes at the door

9. When you get into an argument with someone and don’t cry

10. When you’re at a family lunch and no one asks why you’re still single

11. When you apply for a job and they actually get back to you

12. When Lebanese NGOs address a social problem WITHOUT a poorly executed social experiment